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What is this all about?

In this workshop, you will discover that everyone has the ability to empower any crystal and intentions into it’s essence to serve one’s manifestation purposes.  You will be given “Tools” from the crystal mineral kingdom to guide the crystals as if they are the extension of your manifestations.


You will learn:

•How to cleanse and clear any negative energies / essence residing inside the crystal.

•How to heal any lost energies or previous intentions that is store inside the crystal.

•How to amplify or lower the intensity for the vibrations of the crystal .

•How to align the crystal to oneself or others.

•How to program the crystal to serve your manifestation purposes.

•Lastly, the most powerful “Tools” of all, reviving any dying or low energies of a  crystal and returning back to its highest vibration stage.

•Also, the workshop will cover some common crystals properties to enhance your manifestation purposes.

Do take note, this is different from any other energy healing as once you “activate” the empowerment “Tools”, the energies will permanently remain within the crystal essence and will not need anymore charging.


*** This workshop include 1 cleansing session, 1 chakra opening session & 5 “Tools Empowerment" attunements and manual included.***


Time: 2 days, (Total hours : 12 hours)

Energy Exchange: $888 nett

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