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What is this all about?

In this new updated workshop, The Golden Flame of Wisdom and Illumination will be taught for Self Ascension and has been used for eons since the times of Lemuria. Keeper of The Flame, Lord Cohan Lanto was elected to teach the Wisdom and Truth that if one seeks.


In this Self-empowerment workshop, we will touch on:

  • The History of Lord Lanto.

  • The purposes of the Golden Flame.

  • Protection for yourself on all levels.

  • Cleansing – removing all psychic attacks, bad intentions and more.

  • Clearing of all blocks within the meridian and chakra energy pathways.

  • Connecting to your Soul Self to gain more knowledge and wisdom.

  • The 3 Empowerment protocols for the Golden Flame and how to use them.


Participants will receive 1 cleansing session,1 chakra opening and 3 attunements procedures to empower themselves.


Energy Exchange: $711 nett.

Total time: 2 days (16 hours)

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