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What is this all about?

The violet flame changes and transmute negative energies into positive energies. On the physical level, it can help to heal our bodies by removing the energies that makes us vulnerable to illness and disease. How it works is by changing the vibrations of negative energy into “light” frequencies. This causes us to become less dense and much lighter and able to vibrate to a higher energy pattern. The Violet Flame is a tool of self-transformation. It has the unique ability to transform fear into courage, anxiety into peace and hatred into love. It re-establishes harmony and equilibrium, propelling us into a more spiritual state of being.  

In this workshop, participants will receive 1 cleansing session, 1 chakra opening and balancing session and the violet flame attunement. Students will then be taught on the procedures on using the violet flame. With this, they are able to heal/clear/transmute energies on themselves and others.

Energy Exchange : $288
Time: One full day (8 hours)

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